ACT (Alliance for the Control of Tobacco) is a partnership of both government and non-government organizations, dedicated to reducing the negative health, economic, and environmental effects of tobacco use in Newfoundland & Labrador. Together with its partners, ACT is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring a Tobacco Reduction Strategy which sets out a coordinated plan for tobacco control activities in the Province.

The Alliance for the Control of Tobacco exists through the efforts of its partners, who work tirelessly to implement the Tobacco Reduction Strategy throughout the province. These partners represent a diversity of essential organizations and individuals who are committed to reducing the negative effects of tobacco on the people of our Province. Our partners include: the Cancer Society, the Lung Association, health, education and labour organizations, municipalities, parks and recreation, social services, youth, government departments, school councils, aboriginal groups, and more. Each one supports and is supported by ACT’s Board of Directors and office staff, and every attempt is made to communicate and share ideas related to our common goals.

Vision and Mission

Vision: A tobacco-free Newfoundland and Labrador

Mission: To reduce and eventually eliminate tobacco use in Newfoundland and Labrador through advocacy, education, partnerships and public outreach.

Goals and Priority Areas for Action

ACT’s four major goals are:

  • Prevention – preventing people from starting to smoke.
  • Protection – protecting people from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.
  • Cessation – helping smokers quit smoking and remain smoke free.
  • Denormalization – positioning smoking so that it is no longer the norm in society.

To achieve these goals, ACT has identified five priority areas for action. These are:

  • Community Capacity Building
  • Education and Awareness
  • Healthy Public Policy
  • Cessation and Treatment Services
  • Research, Monitoring and Evaluation