Call for Proposals – Evaluation Consultant for youth vaping prevention campaign

To address the rapid increase in youth vaping, the NL Alliance for the Control of Tobacco (ACT) developed and implemented a youth vaping prevention campaign that focused on increasing awareness about the harms and risks associated with vaping among youth and trusted adults. The campaign provided information to youth through school-based presentations, web-based resources and social media messages.  Trusted adults were engaged through knowledge exchange forums, webinars, media campaigns, and social marketing with school communities. Youth were also consulted through webinars and discussion boards.

ACT is now looking to hire a consultant to complete an evaluation of the youth vaping prevention awareness campaign.

A working group of representatives from ACT, The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Regional Health Authorities, school districts and other stakeholders will support the work of the consultant throughout the evaluation process.

The evaluation report including recommendations will be provided to ACT by December 3, 2021.  These recommendations will be used to plan for the next phase of the youth vaping prevention initiative. For more information and to receive a copy of the RFP please contact