Drifting Smoke in Multi Unit Dwellings

Are you being exposed to secondhand smoke in your apartment or condominium? You are not alone. Please visit smokefreehousing.ca to see what is happening on this issue all around the country.

On October 25, ACT and the Non-Smokers' Rights Association hosted a half day workshop with over 50 participants from around the Province including 14 landlords, property managers and employees. For a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation and handouts given during the session, please contact that ACT office.

Ontario has a wonderful resource list on this issue. To see what they have available, please visit Smoke free Housing in Ontario

The following housing units in the Province have moved toward being 100% smoke free. If you know of any others, or if your apartment building or condominium is 100% smoke free, please let us know. The list keeps growing!

If your apartment or condominium has a smoke free policy and it is not listed here please contact us and let us know!